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Education and Our Program 

Established in 2000, Maria's Childcare is a quality childcare provider caring for children from infancy through age 5.  We use a comprehensive and engaging curriculum that is “theme” based and is adapted to meet the needs of each child. Our program aims to provide the perfect balance between learning and play, in a safe and nurturing environment

Maria's Childcare is a play-based program that prepares children for preschool.  We provide group and one-on-one attention to meet each child's developing and individual needs.  The day is conducted in both English and in Spanish -- elevating your child's learning experience and intelligence.  We use arts and crafts as well as music and reading in a fun and even-changing environment to both provide a stable and challenging place for your child.  

The children are provided with quality indoor and outdoor equipment upon which they can play.  

Between Maria's continuing drive to educate herself and the children as well as her many years of experience, the care provided at Maria's Childcare is exceptional and exactly what every child needs.  

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