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Our goal is to nurture, love and provide a warm and safe environment for your baby. This is an important stage in the development of early language skills.  Babies learn to communicate through facial expressions and sounds. We take every opportunity to develop these skills throughout the day.



We continue to work on language/literacy skills through the use of books, flash cards and everyday objects. Gross and fine motor skills are also a big focus in this program.  Through the use of puzzles, sorting cubes etc. we develop hand-eye coordination. We explore colors and shapes, all while having fun!



Your child will continue to expand his/her vocabulary as well as their pre-writing and literacy skills. We start focusing on beginning and ending sounds of words. Your child will continue to improve in fine motor skills through cutting, beading and lacing.  Your child will be learning math skills through sorting, comparing, counting and measuring. Through the use of dress up and role play, preschoolers let their imaginations soar!

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